Book Breeze Privacy Policy

This document identifies what data the Book Breeze app ("the app") collects, how it collects that data, and the uses of that data. It also explains the data retiontion policies and how the user can revoke consent and/or delete the data.

Collected Data

The app collects information about books and reading sessions, user events, and app malfunctions.

Books and Sessions

For each book the app collects:

For each session the app collects:

User Events

The app collects the following user events:

Debug and Crash Information

The app collects information on memory warnings and app crashes (bugs) and similar, sometimes with technical metadata such as stack traces.

Means of Collection

The user enters information about books manually or using an automatic online search feature in the app. Sessions are recorded manually by the user using the app.

User events as well as debug and crash information are tracked automatically and continuously during normal usage of the app.

Uses of Data

The books and session data is used for building up a database of books and sessions for the user, and to present graphical charts and statistics to the user.

The user event data is used by the developer for understanding user behaviour and improving the user experience.

The debug and crash information is used by the developer to find and solve technical inefficiencies and errors in the app.

Third Party Sharing

Listed below are all third parties that recieve any information from the app.

Apple iCloud Backup

If the user has enabled iCloud backups on the device, book and session data will be backed up to the iCloud backup.

Google Fabric

In order to track crashes and general usage the app will share crash data, user events as well as book and session information with Google Fabric.

Data Retention Policies

The books and session data is stored locally on the device that runs the app. If the user has enabled iCloud backups or is using the iTunes device backup feature, the data will be backed up to iCloud and/or the device running iTunes as well.

In addition to the data listed above Google Fabric stores IP addresses and installation UUIDs temporarily. For details see Google Fabric Data Collection Policies.

Revoking Consent

By deleting the app on the device all book and session data will be deleted on that device, and consequently in the iCloud backup as well. Local iTunes backup copies my need to be deleted manually.

Apples App Analytics is an optional feature that can be disabled. For more details see Share analytics, diagnostics and usage information with Apple.

For details on the GDPR-compliant analytics tool Google Fabric, see Google Fabric Data Privacy.


Last updated: 18 September 2018